Special Events Requests


If you are a special event organizer interested in planning your own function at EB 2022, please complete this online request form for your meeting space.

Special events will take place at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown, The Notary Hotel, or the Loews Philadelphia Hotel, based upon availability. Organizers will be informed of their room assignment in January 2022.

The following guidelines must be followed by all organizers wishing to hold a meeting:

  1. Organizers must ensure that the primary objective of the meeting (the exchange of scientific information) is preserved;

  2. Organizers must encourage the free flow of ideas and information on any subject of possible interest to our membership consistent with above;

  3. This does not apply to social events such as university receptions.  


Space Assignment

The Experimental Biology Management Office will assign space for Event Orders taking place at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown, The Notary Hotel, or the Loews Philadelphia Hotel Requests for space will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Event Title

The title of the event will be listed in the program exactly as submitted. Use of the words “session”, “symposium”, and “workshop” are not permitted.

Request Deadline

In order to be listed in the program, the deadline for special function submissions must be received by December 17, 2021.  

Signs and Notices

Sign displays must be approved by the sponsoring society or by EB Management. Sign easels will not be provided. The session chairperson will be requested not to announce ancillary functions unless the announcement has been approved by the Management Committee or by the society responsible for the session.

Distribution of Materials

The distribution of handbills, fliers, or other literature is prohibited.

Advertising of a Guest Society Meeting

Guest societies are not permitted to advertise their meeting without referencing Experimental Biology. Guest societies must state that they are meeting in conjunction with Experimental Biology on their printed materials and on their website (or any other website).