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Experimental Biology (EB) is your source for the latest life science news! Join thousands of researchers across five scientific disciplines to explore emerging findings and trends in anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology and physiology. 


Meeting Highlights

As we get closer to the meeting, we’ll add updates on themes, speakers and announcements you won’t want to miss. Check back here or subscribe for email updates.

Gut Bacteria May Contribute to Blood Pressure Medicine Resistance 
Study Reveals the Science Behind Those Irresistible Puppy-Dog Eyes 
Study Reveals How Deadly Tick Disease Spreads 
Scientists Identify Cancer Biomarkers in Breast Milk 
Vitamin C Could Help Reduce Toxic Side Effects of Common Cancer Treatment 
Exercise Could Help Reduce Severity of Serious Cancer Complication 
Scientists Uncover Why Long COVID Can Cause Pain 
Proteins in Saliva Could Aid in COVID-19 Detection and Predict Severe Illness 
Animal Study Shows Safety of Using CBD and THC with Opioids
Cardamonin Shows Promise for Treating Aggressive Breast Cancer 
Mineral Supplement Could Stop Fatty Liver Disease Progression
A Prune—Or Six—a Day May Keep Inflammation at Bay 
Virtual Population Model Predicts and Stops Kidney Damage in Black Americans 
Five Minutes of Daily Breath Training Improves Exercise Tolerance in Middle-Aged and Older Adults 
Exercise Improves Health Markers in Young Female Survivors of Childhood Trauma 
Antioxidant, Inflammation Levels May Reveal New Diagnostic Tool for Breast Cancer 
Smokers Less Likely to Survive a Heart Attack 
Blueberry Extract May Aid Wound Healing
Researchers Harness Probiotics to Deliver Parkinson’s Disease Treatment 
COVID-19 Vaccine-Associated Menstrual Symptoms Reported in Non-Menstruating People 
Plant Compound Shows Promise for Alleviating Food Allergies 
Omega-3s Could Boost Immunotherapy’s Cancer-Fighting Power 

Yo-Yo Dieting and Food Insecurity May Raise Heart Disease Risk 
Announcing Virtual Press Conference for Experimental Biology 2022 Meeting
Experimental Biology 2022 Press Materials Available Now
Hot Topics at Experimental Biology 2022 Meeting, April 25 in Philadelphia

Speakers Announced for Experimental Biology 2022 Meeting

Press Registration Now Open for Experimental Biology 2022 Meeting in Philadelphia



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Journalists were invited to hear from featured researchers in a live, interactive virtual press conference held at 11 a.m. Eastern on Friday, April 1. View the recording of the press conference.

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