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Photography and Recording Policy

Experimental Biology (EB) is committed to honoring the rights of copyright owners and to the ethical sharing of scientific research and data. Participants at EB-sponsored scientific meetings or events are expected to adhere to this Photography and Recording Policy. 
Presenters and exhibitors should display the appropriate icon as to whether or not photography/recording of the poster, presentation, or exhibit booth and sharing/remixing of the material is permitted. To aid in this process, EB provides presenters with a digital graphic to incorporate into their slides/poster or to print and display:

Camera with an X: 

This icon indicates that photography, recording, sharing, remixing, and or any derivative of work material are prohibited. All rights are reserved.

CCBY-NC-SA icon/Camera with a Checkmark: 






Photography/recording of the material is permitted. Sharing and remixing are permitted with appropriate attribution as stated in CCBY-NC-SA 4.0 International, subject to commercial patents and trademarks, when applicable.

In the absence of a visible image/sign, photography, video and audio recording, and all other forms of recording of a presentation, poster, or exhibit booth are prohibited. This includes posting images from presentations or posters on social media without the express consent of the authors. 

Presenters are expected to obtain permission from all co-authors before choosing the level of capturing and sharing allowed of the work described in the presentation. If all co-authors do not agree, the presentation must be marked as the Camera with an X. Displaying the CCBY icon will indicate that permissions have been obtained from all authors.

Attendee photography and recording of presentations and exhibits should not be disruptive. Flash photography is not permitted. Devices should be handheld. Large cameras and other equipment such as tripods, monopods, etc. are prohibited in session rooms and the exhibit hall.
EB expects that all attendees will honor the request of the individual as a matter of scientific and professional courtesy. EB will refer reports of violations by an attendee to EB Management to the EB Ombudsman for review and handling. EB staff cannot police or actively enforce noncompliance. 

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