Author Agreement


When submitting your abstract, you will be asked to attest that you have read and will abide by the Author Agreement. The following agreement must be acknowledged prior to successfully submitting an abstract. Please review the agreement prior to submitting your abstract.

Edits to My Abstract

I understand that all accepted abstracts and tables or images, if applicable, will be published as submitted by the author. EB is not responsible for and will not copy edit abstract submissions. As an author, I may log into the system and edit or withdraw my abstract until the close of abstract submissions on November 30, 2021. After that time the following Change Request and Withdrawal Fees will apply.


Revisions to abstract title, body or authors:
NO FEE if revisions made by Nov. 30, 2021
$50 fee if revisions made Dec. 1, 2021 through Jan. 31, 2022
$100 fee if revisions made Feb. 1– Feb. 16, 2022
No revisions allowed after Feb. 16, 2022

NO Fee if withdrawn by Nov. 30, 2021
$50 withdrawal fee if made Dec. 1, 2021– Feb. 16, 2022
$500 if made after Feb. 16, 2022

Abstracts withdrawn after publication in The FASEB Journal cannot be withdrawn but will be notated as withdrawn in the title.


After the abstract has been successfully submitted, any change to the abstract title, body, authors and/or institutional affiliations MUST be approved by all authors and the abstract sponsor, and all authors the abstract sponsor, and the programming society. All authors and the abstract sponsor will have seven (7) days to dispute a withdrawal request.

I understand that the above fees will apply to any changes requested following the submission deadline.  A request for any changes or withdrawal after November 30, 2021, will be communicated to all authors and sponsors.

Research Regulations

With regard to research using human subjects, EB endorses the protections embodied in the

Basic Principles of the Declaration of Helsinki and their expansion in the regulations governing research supported by the U.S. Government (45CFR Part 46; 56 FR 28003). EB does not endorse and will not publish the results of research that was not conducted in accordance with these Principles. Investigations involving animals reported in abstracts must have been conducted in conformance with the FASEB Statement of Principles for the use of animals in research and education.


All research reported in this abstract was conducted in compliance with the above rules and regulations.

Photography & Recording Policy and Code of Conduct

I have read and agree to abide by the EB2022 Photography & Recording Policy and Code of Conduct.


Registration, Presentation, & Publication of My Abstract

I understand that if my abstract is selected for an oral or poster presentation, I am required to register for the Experimental Biology 2022 meeting in Philadelphia, PA and present in person at the scheduled date and time programmed.  I understand that abstracts will be published online in the EB program itinerary planner prior to the meeting, as well as online as a supplement to The FASEB Journal.  Abstracts withdrawn prior to publication will not be presented or published. Failure to register for Experimental Biology 2022 and present in person at the meeting will result in my abstract being withdrawn from all publications, including The FASEB Journal.

Responsibility Statement

In submitting this form, I warrant that I accept responsibility for the scientific integrity of the work to be described in my presentation. Review the Scientific Integrity Policy here.

I have read and agree to the above Responsibility Statement and Scientific Integrity Policy.

I confirm that all authors and sponsor have read the abstract and approved their authorship or sponsorship on this submission.