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ASPET Abstract Topic Categories 


Each abstract must be sponsored by a member of a host or official guest society. The requirements for each society are listed below. The topic number and the description is listed below for all ASPET topic categories.


Cancer Pharmacology

3000-ASPET      Cancer Models

3001-ASPET      Drug Targets in Cancer

3002-ASPET      Anticancer Drug Response

3003-ASPET      Cancer Cell Signaling

3004-ASPET      Cancer Therapy

Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)

3005-ASPET      Cardiovascular Pharmacology

3006-ASPET      Vascular Pharmacology

3007-ASPET      Cardiac Pharmacology

3008-ASPET      Renal Pharmacology

3009-ASPET      Hypertension

3010-ASPET      Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

3011-ASPET      Receptor Trafficking, Desensitization, and Internalization

3012-ASPET      Allosterism and Biased Ligands

3013-ASPET      Novel Pathways and Targets

3014-ASPET      Modeling, Mutations, and Structural Studies

3015-ASPET      Receptors and Signal Transduction: General

3016-ASPET      GPCR 

Central Nervous System Pharmacology

3017-ASPET      Behavioral Pharmacology

3018-ASPET      Drugs of Abuse and Addiction - Behavior

3019-ASPET      Drugs of Abuse and Addiction - Cellular and Molecular

3020-ASPET      Neuropharmacology

3021-ASPET      CNS Transporters and Channels


Drug Discovery and Development

3022-ASPET      Drug Discovery and Development

Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD)

3023-ASPET      DMD - Other

3024-ASPET      DMD - Pharmacokinetics/Modeling

3025-ASPET      DMD - Metabolic Enzymes

3026-ASPET      DMD - Transporters

3027-ASPET      DMD - Regulation

Pharmacogenomics and Translational Pharmacology

3028-ASPET      Translational Research

3029-ASPET      Clinical Pharmacology

3030-ASPET      Preclinical Pharmacology

3031-ASPET      Metabolic Pharmacology

3032-ASPET      Quantitative Systems / Precision Medicine

3033-ASPET      Regenerative Pharmacology

3034-ASPET      GI Pharmacology

Pharmacology Education

3035-ASPET      Pharmacology Education


3036-ASPET      Biochemical/Mechanistic Toxicology

3037-ASPET      Liver Toxicology

3038-ASPET      Neurotoxicology

3039-ASPET      In Vitro Toxicology

3040-ASPET      Inflammation and Tissue Injury

3041-ASPET      Natural Products

Pharmacology - Other

3042-ASPET      Pharmacology - COVID-19

3043-ASPET      Pharmacology - Perspectives in Global Health

3044-ASPET      Pharmacology - All Other

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