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ASPET Last-chance Abstract Topic Categories 


Each abstract must be sponsored by a member of a host or official guest society. The requirements for each society are listed below. The topic number and the description is listed below for all ASPET last-chance topic categories.


300-ASPET     Cancer Pharmacology

301-ASPET     Cardiovascular Pharmacology (CVP)

302-ASPET     Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

303-ASPET     Behavioral Pharmacology

304-ASPET     Neuropharmacology

305-ASPET     Drug Discovery and Development

306-ASPET     Drug Metabolism and Disposition (DMD)

307-ASPET     Pharmacogenomics and Translational Pharmacology

308-ASPET     Pharmacology Education

309-ASPET     Toxicology

310-ASPET     Pharmacology - Other

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