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ASIP Abstract Topic Categories 


Each abstract must be sponsored by a member of a host or official guest society. The topic number and the description is listed below for all ASIP topic categories.

4000-ASIP     Bioinformatics and Digital/Computational Pathology


4001-ASIP     COVID-19


4002-ASIP     Cardiac Pathobiology

4003-ASIP     Genetic Basis of Cardiac Disease and Development


4004-ASIP    Cell Death, Tissue Injury, and Repair

4005-ASIP     Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury


4006-ASIP     Environmental and Toxicologic Pathology


4007-ASIP     Extracellular Matrix in Pathobiology

4008-ASIP     Extracellular Matrix - Inflammation and Immunopathology

4009-ASIP     Extracellular Matrix and Cell Adhesion

4010-ASIP     Extracellular Matrix, Integrins and Cell Signaling Pathways


4011-ASIP     Gene Regulation in Development and Disease

4012-ASIP     Epigenetic Gene Regulation in Development and Disease


4013-ASIP     Immunohistochemistry, Microscopy, and Imaging


4014-ASIP     Inflammation, Inflammatory Mediators, and Immunopathology

4015-ASIP     Autoimmune Diseases

4016-ASIP     Leukocyte-Endothelial Cell Interactions


4017-ASIP     Liver Pathobiology

4018-ASIP     Liver Fibrosis and Cirrhosis

4019-ASIP     Liver Growth and Regeneration

4020-ASIP     Liver Injury and Inflammation


4021-ASIP     Lung Pathobiology

4022-ASIP     Lung - Obstructive Airway Diseases


4023-ASIP     Metabolic Disorders and Metabolomics

4024-ASIP     Diabetes

4025-ASIP     Nutrition and Disease

4026-ASIP     Obesity


4027-ASIP     Molecular Diagnostics


4028-ASIP     Mucosal, Inflammation, Epithelial-Leukocyte Interactions, and Epithelial Pathobiology

4029-ASIP     Regulation of the Epithelial Barrier and Intercellular Junctions


4030-ASIP     Breast Cancer

4031-ASIP     Cancer Biomarkers

4032-ASIP     Cancer Pathogenesis

4033-ASIP     Drug Discovery for Cancer Treatment

4034-ASIP     Cancer Microenvironment and Metastasis


4035-ASIP     Neuropathology

4036-ASIP     Alzheimer's Disease/Parkinson's Disease

4037-ASIP     Animal Models of Neuropathology

4038-ASIP     Neurodegenerative Diseases


4039-ASIP     Veterinary Pathology


4040-ASIP     Pathobiology of Aging


4041-ASIP     Host-Pathogen Mucosal Interactions

4042-ASIP     Microbiota and Systemic Diseases

4043-ASIP     Bacterial and Viral Pathogenesis


4044 ASIP     Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells


4045-ASIP     Vascular Biology and Pathology

4046-ASIP     Atherosclerosis and Restenosis


4047-ASIP     Veterinary and Comparative Pathology

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