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ASBMB Last-chance Abstract Topic Categories 

Each abstract must be sponsored by a member of a host or official guest society. The topic number and the description is listed below for all ASBMB last-chance topic categories.

2000-ASBMB    DNA Recombination, Structure and Topology
2010-ASBMB    Chromatin Structure, Remodeling and Gene Expression
2020-ASBMB    RNA: Processing, Transport, and Regulatory Mechanisms
2030-ASBMB    Protein Synthesis, Structure, Modifications and Interactions 
2050-ASBMB    Enzyme Chemistry and Catalysis
2060-ASBMB    Chemical Biology, Drug Discovery and Bioanalytical Methods
2070-ASBMB    Genomics, Glycomics, Proteomics and Metabolomics
2080-ASBMB    Signal Transduction and Cellular Regulation
2090-ASBMB    Bacteria and Parasites: From Microbiome to Antibiotics
2100-ASBMB    Metabolism and Bioenergetics
2110-ASBMB    Lipids and Membranes
2120-ASBMB    Glycans and Glycobiology
2170-ASBMB    BMB Education and Professional Development
2180-ASBMB    Interdisciplinary/Translational Science (SEBM)

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