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APS Abstract Topic Categories 


Each abstract must be sponsored by a member of a host or official guest society. The topic number and the description is listed below for all APS topic categories.


Cardiovascular Section 


1001-APS     Cardiometabolic Aging (Lane-Cordova/Cook)

1002-APS     Cerebral and Cardiovascular Dysfunction After a Complicated Pregnancy (Bradshaw/Santilan)

1003-APS     Kaley Award Featured Topic (Zaweija

1004-APS     Novel Mitochondrial Mechanisms Underlying Vascular Dysfunction (Katakam/Aissa)

1005-APS     Sex chromosomes and sex hormones in cardiovascular disease (Cassis/Ogola)

1006-APS     Understanding HFpEF pathophysiology in animals for novel therapeutic development (Nandi)

1007-APS     Wiggers Award: Sex and aging in the microcirculation (Busija)

1008-APS     Young Investigator Award session (Isakson)


1010-APS     Blood pressure regulation

1011-APS     Cardiac function and dynamics

1012-APS     Cardioprotection

1013-APS     Diabetes, insulin resistance and obesity

1014-APS     Endothelial cell biology in health and disease

1015-APS     Heart failure

1016-APS     Hypertension

1017-APS     Myocardial ischemia

1018-APS     Vascular ion channels

1019-APS     Cerebral Circulation 


The Microcirculatory Society


1025-APS     Angiogenesis/microvascular remodeling/injury & repair

1026-APS     Atherosclerosis/thrombosis/platelets

1027-APS     Inflammation/leukocyte-endothelium interactions

1028-APS     Instrumentation, methodology, and experimental models

1029-APS     Ischemia-reperfusion/free radical biology

1030-APS     Lymphatic function

1031-APS     Microvascular cell signaling pathways

1032-APS     Microvascular development and aging

1033-APS     Microvascular flow regulation/oxygen delivery/networks

1034-APS     Microvascular mechanics/hemodynamics/rheology

1035-APS     Microvascular pathophysiology-pharmacology, therapeutics and translational aspects

1036-APS     Pericytes and Stem Cells

1037-APS     Permeability/fluid & solute exchange/glycocalyx

1038-APS     Tissue-microvessel interactions/extracellular matrix

1039-APS     Vasomotor control: endothelium/smooth muscle/nerves


Biomedical Engineering Society


1040-APS     Mathematical models of organ systems, tissues or cells

1041-APS     Mechanobiology

1042-APS     Regenerative medicine

1043-APS     Tissue engineering


Cell & Molecular Physiology Section


1044-APS     Ion channels, transporters and pumps in health and disease

1045-APS     Cellular signaling and transduction

1046-APS     Disease Related Physiology: Translational Medicine


1050-APS     Cell physiology: emerging topics, concepts and methods

1051-APS     Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Metabolism in Health and Disease

1052-APS     Mitochondrial metabolism and redox changes

1053-APS     Hypoxia: cellular responses

1054-APS     Ion Channels, Transporters, and Pumps

1055-APS     Aquaporins and other water transporters

1056-APS     Nutrient and metabolite transporters

1057-APS     pH homeostasis and acid-base transport

1058-APS     Drug transport and metabolism

1059-APS     Neurotransmitters: transporters and metabolism

1060-APS     Endothelial and epithelial barrier function

1061-APS     Cell volume regulation

1062-APS     Fluid electrolyte homeostasis in brain

1063-APS     Molecular mechanisms of cellular signaling and transduction

1064-APS     Nutrient and metabolite signaling

1065-APS     Microbiome and cell signaling

1066-APS     Bone cell physiology and signaling

1067-APS     Exosomes, ectosomes, and microvesicles

1068-APS     microRNAs in health and disease

1069-APS     Cancer: proliferation, metastasis, and aberrant cell signaling

1070-APS     Stem cells, cell growth, development, differentiation and autophagy

1071-APS     Apoptosis, cell stress and cell death

1072-APS     Muscle wasting, muscle energy balance and aging

1073-APS     Protein trafficking, targeting and cell polarity

1074-APS     Cell migration and adhesion

1075-APS     Cellular mechanisms of contractility and excitability

1076-APS     Extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton

Central Nervous System Section


1080-APS     Dysfunctional gut-brain axis in cardiometabolic diseases (Zubcevic)

1081-APS     Exercise and autonomic regulation of cardiovascular function (Chen/Patel)


1085-APS     Astrocyte and neuroglial interactions

1086-APS     Blood-brain barrier, brain blood flow and metabolism

1087-APS     Brain development and aging

1088-APS     Central nervous system: other

1089-APS     Central regulation of body fluid homeostasis

1090-APS     Central regulation of food intake and body weight

1091-APS     Cognition and behavior

1092-APS     Neuroendocrinology/neuroimmunology

1093-APS     Neuroexcitability, neurotransmission and neuroplasticity

1094-APS     Neuroinflammation/neuroprotection/ischemia

1095-APS     Neurotransmission and signaling molecules

Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology Section


1100-APS     CEPS Trainee Session (Crossley)


1105-APS     Comparative cardiovascular and respiratory physiology

1106-APS     Comparative metabolic physiology, biochemistry and endocrinology

1107-APS     Comparative muscle physiology, locomotion and behavior

1108-APS     Comparative osmotic, ionic, and acid-base regulation

1109-APS     Comparative neurobiology

1110-APS     Comparative digestive physiology

1111-APS     Other comparative and evolutionary physiology

Endocrinology & Metabolism Section


1115-APS     Advanced inter-organ communication: influencer for metabolism (Wang/Yin)

1116-APS     Reward/motivated feeding: why we override our satiation signals (Samson/Mietlicki-Baase)


1120-APS     Adipocyte biology

1121-APS     Adrenal gland biology in endocrinology and metabolism

1122-APS     Cardiovascular endocrinology

1123-APS     COVID-19 in endocrinology and metabolism

1124-APS     Diabetes, pancreatic and gastrointestinal hormones

1125-APS     Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

1126-APS     Exercise endocrinology and metabolism

1127-APS     Gestation, fetal and neonatal biology, including mammary gland and lactation

1128-APS     Pituitary Endocrinology

1129-APS     Hormones and cancer

1130-APS     Mitochondrial biology in endocrinology and metabolism

1131-APS     Nutrition and nutrient metabolism

1132-APS     Obesity and satiety

1133-APS     Parathyroid, bone and mineral metabolism

1134-APS     Reproductive biology and sex-based medicine

1135-APS     Signaling pathways in endocrinology and metabolism

1136-APS     Systems biology and functional -omics in endocrinology and metabolism

1137-APS     Thyroid gland biology and endocrinology

1138-APS     Clinical and Translational endocrinology and metabolism

1139-APS     Endocrine and Metaoblism in Nomral and Abnormal Psychiatry


Environmental & Exercise Physiology Section 


1145-APS     Skeletal muscle microvascular function and metabolism: Novel approaches, clinical applications, and innovative therapies (Reiter)

1146-APS     Exercise and cancer care: From the bench to the clinic (Smuder/Talbert)

1147-APS     Highs and lows in autonomic regulation of blood pressure: The role of biological sex and race (Charkoudian/Wenner)


1150-APS     Adaptations to chronic exercise in health and disease

1151-APS     Acute responses to exercise in health and disease

1152-APS     Environmental stress: hypoxia, gravity, hyperbaria, blood volume

1153-APS     Thermal stress, thermoregulation, and hydration

1154-APS     Exercise metabolism

1155-APS     Skeletal muscle, bone and connective tissue

1156-APS     Sex differences in physiological responses to exercise/environmental stressors

1157-APS     Circadian clock and sleep

1158-APS     Nutrition and ergogenic aids


Epithelial Transport Group


1160-APS     Hans Ussing Lecture of the Epithelial Transport Group

1161-APS     Steve Hebert Lecture of the Epithelial Transport Group


1165-APS     In vitro and in vivo transport in the lung (Epithelial Transport Group)

1166-APS     In vitro and in vivo epithelial transport in intestine  (Epithelial Transport Group)

1167-APS     In vitro and in vivo epithelial transport in kidney (Epithelial Transport Group)


Gastrointestinal & Liver Physiology Section


1170-APS     Gastrointestinal and liver physiology and pathophysiology (Hirota)

1171-APS     John Forte Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology Section Distinguished Abstract Plenary (Edelblum/Frey)


1175-APS     Alcoholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases

1176-APS     Barrier function and repair

1177-APS     Effects of diet and metabolites on mucosal immunology

1178-APS     Effects of diet on GI and liver physiology

1179-APS     Gastric physiology and pathophysiology

1180-APS     Gastrointestinal cancer and metastasis

1181-APS     Gastrointestinal development

1182-APS     Gastrointestinal motility

1183-APS     Gastrointestinal nutrient sensors

1184-APS     GI hormones, peptides and receptors

1185-APS     GI and liver epithelial junctions

1186-APS     GI and liver stem cells

1187-APS     Growth factors, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis

1188-APS     Immunology and microbiology of the gut

1189-APS     Intestinal inflammation and pathophysiology

1190-APS     Liver physiology and pathophysiology

1191-APS     Metal ion transport

1192-APS     Metabolic disease: GI and liver function

1193-APS     Microbes and nutrition

1194-APS     Microbiome of the GI tract

1195-APS     Nuclear receptors in the liver and GI tract

1196-APS     Nutrient metabolism in the gut

1197-APS     Pancreatic physiology and pathophysiology

1198-APS     Prebiotics, probiotics and gut function

History of Physiology Group


1200-APS     History of Physiology

Hypoxia Group 


1205-APS     Carotid body structure and function

1206-APS     Gene transcriptionand translation in hypoxia

1207-APS     Hypoxia and ion channels, transmitters, and second messengers

1208-APS     Intermittent hypoxia/oxidative stress

1209-APS     Pathophysiology of hypoxia

1210-APS     Responses to acute or chronic hypoxia exposure and altitude

1211-APS     Integrated physiology and hypoxia

Muscle Biology Group 


1215-APS     Hot topics in muscle biology featured topic


1220-APS     Cardiac and skeletal muscle contraction: regulation and biophysics of contraction

1221-APS     Cardiac muscle; physiology and metabolism in health and disease

1222-APS     Skeletal muscle; physiology, pathology and metabolism in health and disease

1223-APS     Smooth muscle; physiology, pathology and metabolism in health and disease

1224-APS     Muscle regeneration, sarcopenia, aging and nutritional regulation of muscle atrophy

1225-APS     Role of exosomes in muscle metabolism

1226-APS     Muscle fatigue and regulation of EC coupling

Neural Control & Autonomic Regulation Section


1230-APS     Cardiovascular regulation in women across the life span (Baker/Keller)

1231-APS     Immune activation and neuroinflammatory regulation in cardiovascular diseases (Wei/Zubcevic)

1232-APS     NCAR New Investigator Awards 

1233-APS     Neural control of glucose and energy homeostasis: implications for diabetes and obesity (Chhabra)


1235-APS     Cellular and molecular basis of autonomic control

1236-APS     Sympathetic regulation in heart failure

1237-APS     Sympathetic regulation in hypertension

1238-APS     Sympathetic regulation in diabetes and obesity

1239-APS     Differences in autonomic regulation in aging or sex

1240-APS     Autonomic circuitry in thermoregulation or metabolism

1241-APS     Sympathetic control of the circulation

1242-APS     Arterial baroreflex function and blood pressure regulation

1243-APS     Chemoreflex function and autonomic regulation

1244-APS     Sympathetic and parasympathetic regulation in disease

1245-APS     Autonomic balance: sympathetic and parasympathetic

1246-APS     Central regulation of autonomic control: Hypothalamus

1247-APS     Central regulation of autonomic control: Brain stem

1248-APS     Central regulation of autonomic control: CNS

1249-APS     Inflammation, immune system and autonomic regulation

1250-APS     Autonomic and respiratory interactions

1251-APS     Autonomic regulation of neuroendocrine and fluid volume

1252-APS     Autonomic adjustments to behavioral stress

1253-APS     Autonomic adjustments to exercise

1254-APS     Enteric nervous system, digestion and metabolic function

1255-APS     Autonomic control of cerebral and coronary blood flow

Nutrition Physiology Interest Group


1260-APS     Hot topics in nutrition physiology


1265-APS     Macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and lipids) regulation of health and chronic disease

1266-APS     Micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) regulation of health and chronic disease

1267-APS     The role of bioactive compounds in health and chronic disease 

1268-APS     Nutrition and the microbiome

1269-APS     Nutrition and body composition

1270-APS     Nutrition and appetite

1271-APS     Nutrition through the lifecycle

1272-APS     Nutriton and sleep

Physiological Omics Group


1280-APS     Systems biology, computational modeling and bioinformatics

1281-APS     Genetics, genomics, gene expression, and epigenetics in health and diseases

1282-APS     Non-coding RNA: miRNA, siRNA and long ncRNA

1283-APS     Functional -omics: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics

1284-APS     Translational -omics: from model organisms to humans

Renal Section  


1290-APS     Advances in Renal Physiology I 

1291-APS     Advances in Renal Physiology II 

1292-APS     Renal Section Young Investigator Award Featured Topic


1295-APS     Acute kidney injury

1296-APS     Renal complications of polycystic disease

1297-APS     Diabetic kidney disease

1298-APS     Kidney in hypertension

1299-APS     Nutrition, exercise and metabolic syndrome in renal function

1300-APS     Omics and systems biology of renal function and disease

1301-APS     Oxidative stress and hypoxia in the kidney

1302-APS     Renal hemodynamics, glomerular filtration, and the renal vasculature

1303-APS     Renal ion transport, transporter regulation, and trafficking

1304-APS     Renal pathology, toxicology

1305-APS      Renal translational physiology

1306-APS     Renal water transport, urea transport, and countercurrent mechanisms

1307-APS     Sex differences in renal function and disease

Respiration Section 


1310-APS     Biological sex and breathing (Revill/Hustable)

1311-APS     Chronic intermittent hypoxia and neural function (Gonzalez-Rothi/Garcia)

1312-APS     Next-generation sciencing: high impact research from early career lung physiologists (Waters/Sidhaye)

1313-APS     Respiratory dysfunction in neurological disease and injury:  mechanisms and potential therapeutics (Solomon/Barnett)

1314-APS     Transition from acute to chronic critical illness after pneumonia: Long-term outcomes, end-organ dysfunction and mechanisms (Wagener/Lee)


1320-APS     Control of breathing: rhythm generation and pattern formation

1321-APS     Control of breathing: chemoreception

1322-APS     Control of breathing: development

1323-APS     Control of breathing: respiratory motoneurons and muscles

1324-APS     Control of breathing: integrated responses

1325-APS     Control of breathing: plasticity and clinical disorders

1326-APS     Control of breathing: neurotransmission and modulation: neural, glial and inflammatory mechanisms  

1327-APS     Lung physiology: airway epithelial cell biology

1328-APS     Lung physiology: airway responsiveness and smooth muscle cell biology

1329-APS     Lung physiology: alveolar epithelial cell biology

1330-APS     Lung physiology: biomechanics, surfactant and gas exchange

1331-APS     Lung physiology: development and plasticity

1332-APS     Lung physiology: endothelial cell biology

1333-APS     Lung physiology: pulmonary hypertension

1334-APS     Lung physiology: vascular smooth muscle cell biology, vascular regulation, and hypoxia

1335-APS     Aerodigestion andairway protection

Teaching of Physiology Section


1340-APS     The art of team teaching (Bradley/Nizamutdinova)


1341-APS     Teaching, Learning and Testing in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Water & Electrolyte Homeostasis Section


1350-APS     Advances in treatment of hemorrhagic shock (Xiang)

1351-APS     Adverse outcomes borne from preeclampsia: updates on research and interventions (Spradley)

1352-APS     Diseases that impact the black community: this is our why (King)

1353-APS     Endothelial dysfunction in preeclampsia and fetal programming (Faulkner)

1354-APS     If these (gut) walls could talk: crosstalk between the gut microbiota and inflammation in hypertension (Abais-Battad)

1355-APS     Regulagtion of cardiovascular and renal function and fluid balance by extracellular vesicles (Sun)

1356-APS     Role of immune cells in fluid balance and blood pressure control (Ramirez)


1360-APS     Blood pressure and fluid volume regulation in pregnancy

1361-APS     Developmental programming and cardio-renal function in adults

1362-APS     Cardiovascular and renal mechanisms in diabetes and metabolic syndrome

1363-APS     Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in regulation of blood pressure and renal function

1364-APS     Sex differences in blood pressure and fluid volume homeostasis

1365-APS     Translational physiology in water and electrolyte homeostasis research

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